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Shooter's Dream: Palm Springs

Last week I participated in the photography retreat hosted by Tracey Clark's Shutter Sisters and her fine collective of contributing editors. This was my second year attending the women's photography gathering for a little learning, a little inspiration and maybe a little (just a little!) relaxation.

It was so refreshing to focus on learning and to see friends again that made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Oh, and maybe I got to take a few photographs while I was there, too. Palm Springs is actually an architectural/interiors photographer's dream with the abundance of exuberant style and iconic mid-century modern design. I've highlighted my tour of the Ace Hotel (where the conference was held), the Saguaro Hotel and the Parker Palm Springs over on my other blog.

The complete set can be seen here.

Here, too, are a couple of bonus shots from that trip:

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Author  Mae Hacking